Who We Are

Since 1924 the Brethren of Yancey C. Blalock Lodge # 265 have played a role in the Lake City community as well as striving to reflect the best aspects and elements of Free Masonry within and without the Lodge room. Most recently we have worked with the Lake City Library, where Bikes for Books has been well received by both children and parents alike. We are partnering with Oak Hills Elementary on rehabbing their library. In past years we were instrumental in helping to establish the first Boys and Girl’s club in Seattle. We have sponsored Boy Scouts and both Jobies and DeMolay. We take great pride in how many of our members participate in other Lodges as well as serving in the Grand Lodge line of officers and on so many Grand Lodge committees.  Our first Worshipful Master; Earl Rice Sr, served as a District Deputy, his son Earl Rice Jr would serve as Master and secretary and also be appointed as a District Deputy. Allan Stevenson and Ray Lavadia would also serve as deputies and Ray would serve on numerous Grand Lodge committees and within the Grand Line. We` walk our talk.

But, by 1998 the lodge was nearly void of active members. VWB Rice and WB John Beck, along with WB Fred Wagner, persevered the Lodge during this period. The membership of WB Sip Sta Rosa and his accession to Master in 2002, began a remarkable turn around. By 2006 a solid line of officers was in place, membership was growing and attendance was averaging over 20 per meeting. Civic involvement increased.

A new era for the lodge began in 2013, when the Temple Board recommended the sale of the property due to the high cost of maintenance and the funds that would be required to rehab the building and attract the renters necessary to make the property profitable.  Lodge minutes show that as early as the 1960’s, discussions arouse concerning the condition of the building and the cost of keeping it up. In 2014, the property was sold, providing sufficient funds to expand charitable work and move to more comfortable quarters.

You are now a part of this legacy