Yacey C.Blalock Lodge’s Charitable Efforts

Yacey C.Blalock Lodge's Charitable Efforts

At Yancey C. Blalock Lodge, our past charitable work includes scholarships for High school & college students, and the 'Bikes for Books' program that encourages child literacy in partnership with Seattle Public Libraries.

We are always looking to get involved with local charities that need manpower and resources, so please contact us to discuss opportunities to partner with your organization.

Notable Masonic Charity Work and National Programs

The fraternity as a whole also is widely involved in charity and community service activities.  Freemasonry worldwide disburses substantial charitable amounts to non-Masonic charities, locally, nationally and internationally.

Some examples of Masonic charities include:

-Homes that provide sheltered housing or nursing care.
-Education with both educational grants or schools such as the Royal Masonic School (UK) which
are open to all and not limited to the families of Freemasons.
-Medical assistance.
-Masonic Child Identification Programs (CHIP).

In addition to these, there are thousands of philanthropic organisations around the world created by Freemasons. The Masonic Service Association, the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory, and the Shriners Hospitals for Children are especially notable charitable endeavours that Masons have founded and continue to support both intellectually and monetarily.